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High resources, high reserves, favorable mineralization

The expanded exploration work on the 244 km² license area of Monterra in Kazakhstan shows results that go beyond the optimistic calculation case. Various types of prospecting work have been carried out, e.g. B. geophysical work using high-precision magnetic prospecting methods inducing polarization with depths of up to 300 meters as well as geochemical works. In addition, (comparative) mining and drilling work was carried out. In total, more than 6000 samples were taken.

The samples were later analyzed in independent laboratories and by experts in their fields. The results are now being published. The expected gold reserves of industrial categories C1 + C2 in the Karatas-Maibulak area are 45 tons. The projected resources of the Karatas-Maibulak area are currently estimated at 95.7 tons of gold. Based on the results of the geochemical survey conducted throughout the license area, 37 gold anomalies were identified in the eastern area of the field. The concentration of gold and mineralization support the very positive outlook.

The geophysical and geochemical work was extensive. However, much of the license area was not fully covered, so further information is likely in future investigations. Monterra is continuing the development of an extensive gold mining project in Kazakhstan.


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